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    CEMU Build Version Archive [Unofficial List] (Download Links)

    As some of you may have noticed, I don't update this thread right as a new version of CEMU is released. This is due to my life schedule keeping me busy and causing me to temporarily forget to check in.
    However, while I am late to the party, I am usually not so late that a new version get's released before I update this thread.

    As stated below, this archive isn't meant to be a GO-TO solution. But instead is meant to serve as a catalog of all the versions released thus far and is also meant to be an archive/backup of the emulator and all it's versions in the off chance that the site goes down for a time or even dies.

    However, if there are any mods with editing privileges that could be bothered to step in if I miss one too many updates and add to the list for me while also editing the update notes, that would be great.
    But only if I miss out on a version or two and it seems abhorrently apparent that I am M.I.A.
    There is no need to copy my MEGA PACK and re-upload it and maintain it for me unless I have clearly gone off the grid - AND - you feel like you want to do it.
    Unless that happens to me, I will update it......... eventually.

    But for now, I am keeping true to maintaining this thread (albeit at a slower pace than some may like) but I am maintaining it nonetheless.

    --Added v.1.15.10--
    --Updated Mega Pack w/ 1.15.10--
    --Updated List To Include "NEW LEGACY VERSIONS"--
    --Added Color Coding For Some Stuff
    --July 5th 2019--

    The purpose of this thread is to create and maintain an easily accessible list as well as an archive for the future of all the official releases of CEMU not including any kind of alpha/beta/nightly releases, unofficial modified releases, or Patreon releases.
    Every single one of these builds can alternatively be obtained by simply editing the URL for the download with the respective build number on the CEMU website, and the links below are direct links using these URL's with the exception of the MEGA PACK.

    I will try to maintain this list with newer versions as they are released as well as updating the MEGA PACK to include these newer versions.

    So without further ado, here it is.

    (this is a Google Drive link. You can also download independent versions from within this as well in the instance that the CEMU site goes down for whatever reason and all official download links are broken and you don't want to download the whole mega pack)




    --NEW LEGACY VERSIONS-- - (Versions before 1.14.0 used the old shader method.)

    --OLD LEGACY VERSIONS-- - (It is not really recommended to use any version below 1.7.4 and so these following versions are exclusively for archive purposes)
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