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    For those involved


    I would love to push this code onto the XBOX One. I worked for Microsoft in the OS division for almost 15 years, particularly in the UI and shell and am very well versed with the various MSFT apis, and UWP in general.

    Microsoft is pretty much the only company that has an 'open platform' where developers can write code and publish to run on a console. I would love to work with you folks to make this emulator at least somewhat runnable on that platform, even if their 'store' wont publish it.

    Your website doesn't give information on how to contact the devs, but I think some sort of open collaboration would be nice. We'd kill for this on the XBOX One, even if we have to run the device in dev mode.

    How can I work with you people to make CEMU on the XBOX One a possibility?

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