Hello to all, I have a PNY Nvidia Geforce 1060gtx with 6gb of VRAM and no matter what version of CEMU Emulator that I use I still get text corruption on FATAL FRAME 5 for some reason. Anyways, it is quite weird to me as it only occurs inside the game and under menus and subtitles as well.. I am currently thinking it might be that the GPU is faulty as I have tried an older GeForce 660 2gb of VRAM Superclocked video card and it does well with that game. I have also tried 388.71, 391.24 and 391.35 display drivers on the Geforce 1060gtx 6gb of VRAM and the exact same thing keeps occurring for some strange reason. So, Anyways, Thanks for listening and have a great day ahead and all.. Also I would like to know what you all thought of this problem as well.. Thanks again..