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    Can't Get Game Saves to Work for Mario Kart 8

    Hello. So, I can't figure out how to get game saves to work for Mario Kart 8 (USA). I understand that I'm supposed to put the saves in mlc01 > emulatorSave > Game Folder > Save Files. But this doesn't work for me. I don't know if I can link to saves online but I'm using the saves by GBAtemp:
    "Mario Kart 8 NTSCU
    100% save"

    I also see saves for Mario Kart 8 [AMKE01]. Is [AMKE01] the US version? Please explain step by step how to get these saves to work.

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    They go in mlc01/usr/sav/00050000/1010ec00/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xalphenos View Post
    They go in mlc01/usr/sav/00050000/1010ec00/
    Yes. Thank you.

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