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    BotW shrine crash on cemu 1.11.6

    Operating System (OS): Windows 10

    CPU Model:Core i5 6600k

    GPU Model:Geforce GTX1070

    GPU Driver Version:391.35

    HDD or SSD: Cemu is on SSD with alot of free space

    RAM Size: 16Gb


    Cemu Version:1.11.6b
    BotW with last 208 update and DLC 3.0

    Your problem in detail:
    Cemu crash everytime i enter in a shrine with test of strenght,when start the scene with the door that is closed behind me and the platform with guardian must come up. The controller vibrate before the platform come out and cemu crash

    What you have tried:
    i never have been this problem with previous version of cemu. I tried to reinstall nvidia driver,come back to previous version of cemu and previous update of BotW. I'v tried to clear GLcache and don't use a downloded shader cache but problem not solved.
    Any suggest?
    I attach log file.
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