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    Unhappy FPS Suddenly Dropped

    I installed CEMU and Wii U USB Helper about a month ago now, and I installed BOTW and was having a blast. I was averaging 30 fps outside, and the shrines went up to 60, doubling the speed. (I tried the NVIDIA Helper fix with vsync to no avail) My computer runs Windows 10, has 16 gigs of ram, a GTX 950 gpu, and runs most games well.

    I went on vacation for a week, and when I came back, I found that BOTW was running at about 2/3 speed, staying around 15-18 fps and stopping exactly at 20, which I think it may be capped to. I've tried loading multiple saves, going in and out of buildings, running cutscenes, and going in shrines. Menus and the world map still run well for me, but everything else is slow. All other games on my computer are running as well as they were when I left, so I doubt that it's a hardware issue.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Or found a fix?

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    Have you checked that your temps are good while playing? It could be a thermal throttling issue. Windows may have updated your gpu drivers for you. You could try DDU and clean installing the latest drivers. It could also be some sort of aggressive anti virus preventing cemuhook from working.

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