Really happy with how Cemu is working for most things! BoTW is running great over steam link.

Ive been having problems with Mario Kart 8 however and wonder if anyone else has run into similar issues. This is playing over Steamlink. It seems to run fine for just 1 player w/ a ps3 controller setup as a wii u gamepad or pro controller.

However, when i add a second player with another ps3 controller (ive tried both as pro controller and 1 gamepad 1 pro controller) it will crash after about 3-5 minutes during a race. The screen just freezes and sound loops. Up until the crash it works fine.

My controllers are connected as xbox 360 controllers via steam link. Computer specs: i5 8600k geforce 1080ti 16gb ram windows 10. Cemu is on 1.11.6. Steam/steamlink are up to date but not on beta versions.
Thanks for any help/advice.