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    Cemu 1.11.6 set up problem. need help please

    So i followed the guide for cemu 1.11.6 and it was clear so im on the step u make a helper folder like helper dl, helper EX and wii u games and dlc and updates.

    I was done setting up my usb helper changed the directory of my download and dlc to the correct folder like for dlc and updates to Helper EXT.

    So i downloaded the game then when it finished i checked my helper EX and there was no file, it was all in helper DL and tried to cut and paste it to wii u games and dlc and updates, then opened CEMU clicked on config game paths and click where i put my zelda botw game. then closed it but it wasnt showing in my cemu, tried doing it over and over and still cant find it.

    So i tried using the wii usb helper app then opened the game from there. and went back to my cemu so it showed up next my problem was being unable to find dlc and updates META file. went to install dlc and updates but there was no dlc or updates meta file it was missing, i correctly downloaded the game from wiiu usb helper and tried it over and over but still no meta files......

    Im seriously stuck for days now with installing the game can anyone help me, will really appreciate the help.
    already tried downloading the game check the unpack options also and tried downloading the game seperatley with the DLC and updates if zelda botw.
    can anyone help me?
    tried downloading the game countless time and already clicked unpack and separately downloaded the botw dlc and updates

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