I want to play Breath of the wild on my PC, but I get poor fps (around 15). I have an 8 cores AMD 8320 CPU which works at 3.5 stock GHz (it automatically bumps to 3.7 I believe when needed), 8GB RAM at 800MHz (plus 8GB of virtual memory as it was adviced somewhere to have for CEMU) and an R9 280X graphics card.
I think I understand that CEMU works more on 1 core, so my problem might be solved if I can overclock my CPU by boosting the FSB ratio. I tried, set it so the CPU went to 4.5GHz, but it failed, I tried several times until it worked for a minute before getting a BSOD at 230MHz.
Now I set it back to normal, but I'd like to understand why people have it working on their end. I've seen discussions and videos about people who tweaked it to 300MHz (x15 as for the multiplier, which gives also 4.5GHz) and it works. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to deal with the temperature, as when I arrive back in the BIOS after the crashes, it wasn't high (even though a few seconds had passed, I don't think it would have gone down by 40°C in 10s).

Thank you if you can help me.
Btw, the reason I want to play it on my PC is because I finished the game once on my brother's WiiU, which he got back, wanted to buy a Switch to play it more, but saves aren't transferable from WiiU to Switch, so if it means starting over, I'd rather try emulation.