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    Unhappy Zelda breath of the wild Cemu random crashes HELP!

    After 15 or 30 minutes of play, he made the mistake
    already tried several things that I found out there, but nothing worked

    Wii U emulator has stopped working

    Information from my PC
    GTX 960 2G
    8G ram
    I5 4440 3.10 GHz

    Game running between 35 to 40 FPS
    Graphic package used:
    30FPS Lock
    FPS ++
    LWZX Crash workaround
    NVIDOA Glitch Artifacts workaround
    NVIDIA Explosion Smoke
    Square kakariko
    ReflExtra - Enhanced Reflections

    Sorry for any mistake, I'm new here.
    Who can help me in this, I thank you
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    post your log.txt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xalphenos View Post
    post your log.txt
    I send. All right?

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    My log.txt


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