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    Improvements to hardware?

    My current build:
    CPU - Intel i5 8600k OC @4.7 GHZ
    Motherboard – MSI Z370 Gaming plus
    Cooler - CORSAIR - Hydro Series 240mm liquid cooled.
    GPU - RX 560 4 GB
    RAM - PNY - Anarchy 16GB DDR4 @ 2400 MHz
    PSU - Thermaltake 650 W

    CEMU 1.12.0b
    I just recently downloaded cemu and breath of the wild with the step by step guide from BsoD. Made sure all my graphics pack where all the same with the exception of enabling graphics pack 1920x1080. Shrines I get about 23-30. Outside 20-25. Game is still very playable. My question is I know my gpu is budget for gaming, but if I upgrade to a better NVidia gpu will I see better performances?

    I just noticed I posted it in the wrong section could it be moved to the hardware section?

    Note : I will update with my log.txt later today

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    Just upgraded to a 1070 and I'm getting 60 fps everywhere I was under the notion that GPU wasn't very important, but i guess i was wrong and so are the rumors ALL across the internet.

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    It's not the hardware; the AMD drivers inflict CPU overhead on windows. It's not the same on linux.
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