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    About Right Mouse Button Motion Control

    I don't know if this is something CEMU is doing or that cemuhook thing as that seems to have something to do with motion controls? When I play Breath of the Wild there are times it wants motion control and you can "use" the mouse for that. I put "use" in quotes because it is actually unusable the way it is implemented. But I know how to make it usable with just a handful of lines of code. In short it should be doing relative positioning rather than absolute. ie., When you right click anywhere nothing should move, only when you drag [while pressing right] should anything move. That won't completely fix it, I don't think, but it will at least make it 1000% better. It is really frustrating to be playing BoTW and know that if I had access to the source code I could fix this in about 5 minutes and get back to making actual progress in the game. If the person that works on this code happens to read this and wants to discuss it farther, please contact me. Meanwhile I will get a bluetooth dongle and see if using the PS4 for motion control is doable.

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    Mouse motion support is by official cemu devs. Cemuhook adds in the motion support of ps3 and ps4 controllers. Yeah the mouse movement is only just enough to get you by.

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    Avoid the mouse workaround anyway because your DS4 has exceptional motion control because a) The support is written by the author of Cemuhook (which provides the motion client so he knows what he's doing) b) The DS4 has a true 3-axis gyroscope (find instructions how to install the method on the guide on the top of Cemuhook's website).

    For future reference of other readers there are several other motion sources. Shameless plug, my tool on my signature can get 6-axes motion from MotionPlus Wii Remotes or basic 3-axis from vanilla remotes, the DS3 can give 4-axes motion (not that great for yaw rotation if the orientation isn't the default (it only has an 1-axis gyroscope)).

    Additional sources include almost all modern phone types but the quality of the result depends a lot on the hardware (many don't have a gyroscope but a compass or not even that) and I'm not aware of the quality of software. Also there are Steam Controller and Switch controllers software that I haven't tried.

    You can find a full list in the current sticky of the subreddit.
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