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    Unhappy Most NPCS aren't spawning in Zelda BOTW + Can't go inside kakariko tower

    So I've watched some gameplays on Zelda BOTW and I saw there are a lot of people in the dueling peak stables and the kakariko village. But when I visited those 2 places in my game, Most NPCS aren't there. in dueling stable, I only found beedle. and In the kakariko village, I only found some the guards, paya, and that's it. Even the shopkeeper and the armor stands are gone! also when Paya told me to go inside to meep impa, it stucks on infinite loading. I restarted the game and then I can;t even load my save now! Any solutions would be appreciated thanks!

    (I also used the inventory editor to mess around in the game)
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