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    Button Mapping Problem

    Hello Cemu Community!

    I just bought the controller "Torid" from Speedlink because i dont want to spend much money on an original xbox controller (the torid has the same layout).

    my problem is, that cemu shows me the same buttons for the right joystick as for X, Y, A and B.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    i installed the latest driver from speedlink.
    does someone have an idea why or how i can solve this?

    PS: Im VERY sorry for my english..

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    This one?
    if so try setting it to xinput mode instead of dinput

    To switch between the gamepadís two operating modes, keep the SPEEDLINK button held depressed for 3
    seconds. In DirectInput mode (for all older and some newer games), the LED under the Turbo button will be
    lit; in XInput mode (for the majority of the latest games), the LED under the Turbo button will not be lit.
    Be sure to set the gamepad to the correct mode before starting the game. Switching during gameplay may
    stop the game identifying the controller correctly Ė if this happens, restart the game. Please consult the
    manual that accompanied the game, ask the publisher or try both modes to establish which mode works the
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