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    Thumbs down latest cemu wont start, missing a visual c ++ file

    Operating System (OS): windows 7 servicepack 1

    CPU Model: intel zeon w3565 @ 3,2 ghz

    GPU Model_ nvidia gtx 1050 ti aerio

    GPU Driver Version:latest

    HDD or SSD: (also, provide remaining storage space) hdd with 1 tb( 700 gb free)

    RAM Size:12 gb ddr3


    Cemu Version:1.12.1(latest i could find on cemu officiual page)

    Your problem in detail:it doesnt load and says there is a file missing. a file that has to do with visual c++,
    What you have tried: but i downloaded the latest package with visual c++ redistyributable from microsoft and it did not make any difference.


    Additional Comments: an old version of cemu works fine but the latest simply wont start because that the program says my computer doesnt have a visual c++ file

    Have you messed with your Virtual Memory / Page File settings?:

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