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    Pikmin 3 DLC not working on 1.12.2d ?

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to start the Pikmin 3 DLC on 1.12.2d, however as soon as I start a mission (tried with enemy battles only so far), I get a black screen and that's it.

    Is there something to do to get those working or is it entirely impossible? Sorry if similar DLC question has been asked before, I'm quite new to CEMU.

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    I had more than one graphics pack (from FullHD up-to 4K) selected and it seemed to be the culprit. Once I selected only one, I could access all missions.

    Or maybe, I launched one of the DLC missions (instead of the 4 primary available in game) and it now let me play all of them.

    Just in case it helps someone else having issues.

    Any idea if a 21:9 graphics pack is available for this game though?

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