Operating System (OS): windows 10

CPU Model: intel core i5 4460

GPU Model: nvidia geforce gtx 1070

GPU Driver Version:latest

HDD or SSD: hdd with 2 tb

RAM Size:16 gb ddr3

Cemu Version:1.12.2d

Hello there, I am new Cemu and I have a problem. When I run SSB4, it runs smoothly on 60fps until characters attack and effects pop up. Once I play for some minutes, the lag stops. I read that this can be avoided by using a shader cache, so I downloaded the newest I could find. I put it into Cemu/shadercache/transferable and deleted the old .bin, but once I start SSB4, it stills tells me that it's using the old cache, the heavy stutter remains as well. Checking the shader cache folder revealed that the old cache simply returned, so now there are two caches in the folder. I already tried several methods to fix this, like using cemuhook and disabling "Precompiled shader cache" (I did the same in the options), but that didn't fix it either.
Should anybody have any idea, please let me know!