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    Did you ever try with single-core recompiler?
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    BOTW Loading Screen Freeze.

    I've been having the same problem. My errors on the same line read:

    [00:08:46] Fragment shader failed to compile with the following errors:
    ERROR: 0:225: error(#143) Undeclared identifier: textureUnitPS18
    ERROR: 0:225: error(#202) No matching overloaded function found: texture
    ERROR: 0:225: error(#216) Vector field selection out of range "xy"
    ERROR: error(#273) 3 compilation errors. No code generated

    Have you found a solution?

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    These errors are normal and don’t matter.

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    BOTW Loading Screen Freeze.
    Could you help me with this problem?

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    BOTW Loading Screen Freeze.

    Did you ever try with single-core recompiler?

    Yes I did, still no change.

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    Man, my specs are the same as you, except for the motherboard and the cross over, so I will be watching your results, post here please.

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