So I do Nvidia Gamestream, it allows you to stream games from your PC to a Nvidia Tablet, and it allows you to use multiple controllers to play with your friends on the couch. So i decided why not play some Cemu on the couch, But when i tried to hook up my 2 controllers, they both came us as 1 input "Nvidia Tablet"

Example: I'm using 2 controllers (PS4 and Nvidia 2016 controller) So when I go to "Input Settings" I click "Pro controller" than when I got the source I click "Sheild Tablet" and put in the Nvidia input in, but when i tried to do my ps4 controller it also came up as "Sheild Tablet" and it came up as the same input as the Sheild. I can do multiplayer games on Steam but not Cemu.

Is there a way so Cemu can see 2 outputs from 1 input?