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    Unhappy No more enemy knockback on lates Cemu version

    Hello everyone
    I installed the latest Cemu version following the tutorial by BSoD Gaming. I now noticed though that there is no more knockback on enemies whatsoever. If I hit an enemy with a finisher or a bomb the just fall flat on their stomach. After that the ragdoll physics seem to activate but there is no knockback. I didn't install anything extra and I didn't have this problem a couple versions prior when I last played BotW.
    Any ideas what might be the cause of this?

    Packs I'm using are FPS++ and Clarity aswell as the NVIDIA fixes. The Cemu settings are those shown in the guide.

    Thanks in advance everyone.

    EDIT: Disabling FPS++ fixes the issue but then I'm locked to 30 fps. I didn't have this problem in earlier versions. Anyone know a workaround or can report a similar issue?
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