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    Is Splatoon's "Night mode maps" hack possible in graphic pack format? I really like nighttime multiplayer maps, but it says that I will be banned if I go online play with directly modified game files.
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    Hey guys. I'm new here and I've been reading up on Graphics Packs. Fascinating way to upscale and override games settings. I have a question for a specific graphics pack and other like it. WindWakerHD_FPSSlowdownFix I didn't really encounter much frame rate issues with Windwaker so it might not even be necessary, but what does this do exactly and how does it work. I looked at the code but I'm not a programmer and couldn't understand what it was saying.

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    It stops a function from running For more details ask the author.
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    Thanks, I posted a comment and I hopes he get back to me. I wish there was more in the description.

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