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    CPU VS GPU what i need upgrade for a more smooth experience

    Hi, thanks for this wonder emu
    I have a i5 3750k, a AMD RX560 2gb and 8Gb of RAM.
    I play at 1080p in v1.13 at 25fps in the open world and my question is needed more GPU or more CPU for more FPS?
    Also, what is a better emu version for BOTW?
    Thanks for answer and sorry for my bad English.

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    You need an nvidia gpu to get the best out of botw. A little oc on your cpu won’t hurt either.

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    Maybe if I buy a old NVIDIA 750 ti 2GB get better fps? (see 1 for 50) and yes, go do oc when get a z chipset motherboard i buy one on ebay
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    Yes with a 750 ti get 40+ fps

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    This is mainly because of a software limitation of the OpenGL driver of AMD on Windows. The situation might improve with the Vulkan backend next year.

    It's also more apparent on renderers that 100% one CPU core, which is common in emulation.
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