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    Question a suggestion for staff

    Hello Cemu Staff .
    this emulator is fantastic, it run in my low range pc. i downloaded super mario 64 to try virtual console but... it is not great at emulation, it has heavy visual glitches and it is not good running. you should do an upgrade and put a better support for virtual console so, you can make many emulatable consoles. I know that it is in the development phase and that it is not yet complete.
    thanks for this great emulator.

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    You could always try another N64 emulator like Project64 or Mupen64Plus(you'll need to install an API for the latter). All things considered, the progress they've made the last few years is insane

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    it has heavy visual glitches
    you need to turn on high buffer cache accuracy and have the sound cafe libs. And most virtual console games will work fine. But still you should use a dedicated emulator.

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