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Thread: Newbie help.

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    Newbie help.

    okay so bare with me here i'm new to this cemu stuff, i just got it recently and started messing with it but i'm having what seems like a controller issue here that i cant figure it out. I'm using a 3rd party ps3 controller and i was testing it out on mario kart 8 and every time i play it it gets to the main screen where it says press a which i do which takes me to the slection menu once i get there though NOTHING works no matter what button i press even the A button that i used to get to this screen does nothing i'm pretty stumped here and was hoping someone else had a similar experience. I'm just not sure how i can get to a certain scree and then all f a sudden it doesnt recognize i'm pressing anything and the game's not freezing either. Thanks for any help in advance guys.

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    Make sure your controller is set up as gamepad not pro controller.

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