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    Slow performance

    A while ago I made a post on here saying that I couldn't get a single game to run at all. They would just get stuck on the title screen, or the intro, whatever the first frame of the game was, that's where it would stick at, then Cemu would crash. I recently did a factory restore on my PC to try to get other things to work (Ex. Minecraft shaders, GTA V, my controller, etc.). All of those things, along with Cemu (well, sorta), started working properly. Except Cemu runs really slow with the two games I have tried so far (MK8 and 3D World). I don't know, I expected my PC to run the games a little better, I figured my hardware was powerful enough to run at full speed, at least the majority of the time, but it won't even reach 60 FPS at all in-game, the most I've gotten is 50. It's not just the FPS that's slow, the gameplay itself is slow as well.

    I guess, what I want to know if there are some settings I can try to get it to run at full speed. Here is my basic specs along with DxDiag info:

    OS: Windows 10 Home
    RAM: 8 GB
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 quad-core; 3.2 GHz
    GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580


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    Your CPU should be powerful enough to run games at full speed, however; 60fps might be a little too ambitious for a 1st gen ryzen esp if you are using graphics packs (2nd gen ryzen 2700x can hardly run at a stable 60fps at 1440p with a decent GPU). I would suggest, assuming you have a shader cache placed in both your precomipiled and transferable folders, to find and enable a 30fps graphic pack for whatever game you're wanting to play. This will limit the game to 30 fps like most games on the Wii U, but it'll also help your game run at full speed because your CPU doesn't have to catch up

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    Quote Originally Posted by epigramx View Post
    I actually ran into this post soon after posting the reply. I also hadn't realized the OP is running an RX 580. OpenGL support for AMD cards likely has a hand in your poor performance.
    Try my settings;
    Try BSOD's suggestions:

    other than that, this is more of a problem with the API. Vulkan API is planned for next year, so the performance on AMD cards will certainly get a much needed boost when that time comes

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