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    Bad performance on high end system

    OS windows 10
    CPU i9 7900x
    GPU 2 gtx 1080ti sli (Disabled it for cemu)
    RAM 32gb ddr4

    So i'm getting huge stutters where I just drop to like 1-5 fps it runs at 60 fps but ever couple of seconds my games stutters this happens to botw, xenoblade, super mario land
    I have used graphics packs to try to increase fps on botw but nothing seems to really work can I get some help please.


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    Have you added a shader cache to both your precompiled and transferable shader cache folders? I've heard of a bug being worked on where less than 13gb of ram is utilized, and sometimes less, though I doubt this to be the problem in your case. More than likely you'll need a shader cache of each particular game.

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