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    What was so bad about the audio just staying on the default output?

    Hi all, it seems since Cemu 1.13.1, there's been a setting introduced where you can now choose which output you want to use for your audio. Problem is, I have both a monitor and a tv connected to my pc, and depending on whether I'm playing games with my kids or not, it varies which display I use. As Windows or my GPU drivers don't handle multiple displays well, I get tearing on the second screen, so to get around this I just toggle between them instead, so only one is on at a time. When using my monitor, the sound goes to my speakers, or bluetooth headset if I'm trying to be quiet. If I'm outputting to the TV, the sound goes to my TV speakers and soundbar instead. All well and good, as windows only sees one of these options at a time, so classes them as default and the sound simply goes where it's supposed to. Not with Cemu any more though, since now the audio output needs changing every single time I switch displays. Is there any way to disable this new "feature" so that it'll just follow whatever windows is flagging as default?

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    Anyone? This "feature" is still in Cemu 1.14.0c too, is there a way of just making it default to whatever output is currently in use by windows, like how it used to be? I often run all my emulators through launchbox bigbox on my tv, and it's a pain in the arse having to change it every single time I want to play a Wii U game.
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