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    Wiimote not working after title creen on MK8

    I'm trying to use my wii remotes on Mario Kart 8, by means of Cemu's recent native wii remote support feature.

    I can get the Wii remotes connected to Windows 10 and I can configure them in Cemu's Input Settings screen. However, once the game starts I can press "A" on the title screen but on the next screen I can't do absolutely anything with the Wii remote.

    What could I be missing?

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    This seemed to be an issue for many. Does anyone know whether this has been fixed in the new recent releases? I am thinking to buy a Wiimote to play MK8, but would love to know whether this is working in CEMU by now?

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    Any thoughts?

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    I think proper Wiimote support is a long ways away. I've come to terms with that.

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