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    need help getting BOTW running smooth

    most of the time its at 60 FPS but im getting random drops to 20 before it shoots back to 60.

    another strange thing i'm noticing is during loading screens it drops to single digits.

    i'm using 8700K, 1080 TI, 16gb ram, 970 pro.

    i have cemuhook and shaders installed.

    i played with nvidia control panel and application DPI settings.

    below is what i have for my profile. not sure what else to do.

    # TLoZ: Breath of the Wild (USA)

    disableGPUFence = false
    extendedTextureReadback = true
    accurateShaderMul = min
    GPUBufferCacheAccuracy = 2

    cpuMode = Triplecore-Recompiler
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    Post your log.txt after you launch botw
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