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    Games feeling sluggish and slow

    So I've recently been playing some Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and MK8 and I've come to notice the game all of a sudden becomes really sluggish and slow, essentially behaving like it is in slow motion. I have cemu-hook installed, so I'm not too sure whats causing this. If anyone could inform me whats causing it and on how to go about fixing it, that would be upmost appreciated.

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    Upload the log.txt file which is created next to Cemu.exe after the game runs so we can see your configuration.
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    I've run into this problem too with DK Tropical Freeze. I googled this problem & it seems to be a problem that occurred sometime after build 1.7.3. It'll play fine for a while, then suddenly slow down to a crawl. I currently use build 1.7.3 for this game & it plays fine. But it has the slow down problems on pretty much every build since then
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