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    Mario Kart 8, bootcamp drivers

    I know there are issues regarding AMD drivers and mario kart 8.

    Has anyone managed to get Mario Kart 8 to work with any of the 2018 macbook pro's using bootcamp?

    I have a 2018 macbook pro with Radeon pro 560X (its a Polaris card, i think its Polaris 21).
    Running Windows 10 Pro.
    Unfortunatley AMD/Apple don't keep the offiicial drivers up to date, so best apple users can get is 17.10/17.12

    Apple users can get more up to date unoffical drivers (which are based on official drivers)

    Im using the latest bootcampdrivers verison 18.10.1.
    And cemu 1.13.2d

    And cannot get pass the bootscreen with mario kart 8.

    I've tried the various Forza demo's in the background.
    Tried using older versions of cemu like 1.11.6 and turning off seperate shaders.

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    I don’t know anything about boot camp drivers. But can you run 18.4.1, or 17.11.1? Those both work for sure on windows with standard Polaris cards. Though every driver since 18.4.1 works with Polaris on windows.

    Why can’t you use standard drivers on windows on a Mac? That’s illogical. But I guess that’s Apple.

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    First thanks for replying.

    I guest I am in a really small minority.
    New Macbook user, using Windows 10 and trying to use a emulator and play Mario Kart 8.

    Not sure why Apple won't allow AMD standard drivers to work on their macbooks.
    Perhaps the cards in the MacBooks are non standard.
    If you try to install the standard official drivers, it won't detect the card.

    I don't think I can run 17.11.1.
    The last official AMD released bootcamp driver was 17.10
    And the one that Apple includes in its bootcamp is 17.12

    I've tried both 17.10 and 17.12, neither work with Mario Kart 8.

    I also can't run 18.4.1

    The bootcamp modified (based on official drivers) are only available on versions

    And I've tried them all, with various versions of cemu (with and without the Forza 3 and 7 workaround).
    Mario Kart always gets stuck on the first screen.

    So sad.
    Perhaps if you ever release a macOS version of cemu I'l test again.
    Or if Apple ever decide to release a up to date official driver

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    I've just tried the new Cemu 1.14.0b and the bootcampdrivers 18.10.2 .

    Still can't get Mario Kart 8 to get pass the load screen (white MARIOKART text, on a black background with a blue 8).
    I can hear the sounds of cars racing past but that's it.
    FPS in the title bar is showing as 0

    Have tried turning off
    Full sync at GX2DrawDone()

    Use separable shaders

    Have also tried turning on Disable precompiled shaders

    Not sure what else to try or do

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    There's really nothing else to do. This is a known issue in amd drivers. It has been fixed for months on windows. I guess you'll have to wait for bootcamp drivers to incorporate whatever fixed it in windows 18.4.1 for polaris.

    I guess the last thing you can do is try linux. Unless apple somehow imposes a crappy driver over the open source mesa driver there as well.

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    Still not managed to get Mario Kart 8 to work with Windows 10 on a bootcamp MacBook.

    I've tried 1.15.0e with Bootcamp drivers 18.11.1.

    Game still freezes on bootscreen of the game (I can hear the cars zooming past, but FPS still showing as 0).

    Have also tried running Forza demo 7 in the background.

    I know the number of people using bootcamp must be a small percentage, but still very sad and frustrating... sigh. Silly Apple for not letting us use official drivers!
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    A friend of a friend, who has a the late 2018 Macbook pro with the Vega 20 graphics, also experiences the same issue I have with with Mario Kart 8.

    A few of the guys over at the bootcamp forums suspect this is a issue related to the emulator, rather than the graphics drivers.
    Im not technical enough myself to know if its an issue with the drivers or cemu.

    Im guessing the "problem" is not been looked at?

    Guess us bootcamp users will just have to wait until Apple releases some official drivers version 18.4.1 or above.

    Is it possible to have the Compatibility page ammended to include a note about Apple users with Polaris and Vega cards?

    Thanks, keep up the good work

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    Vega doesn’t work with mk8 anywhere. Windows, Linux, bootcamp doesn’t matter.

    The compat page can be edited by anyone. I’ll do it next time I feel inclined since I do have a Vega apu and can confirm it’s broken status. But you can edit it if you want to.

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    Finally managed to get Mario Kart 8 to work with cemu 1.15.0e and bootcamp drivers 18.12.3 V3.

    Performances is a flaky, and I've not tried playing the game for any prolong period yet, was just so excited to get this working on Christmas Eve, gonna be a fun xmas now.

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