I know there are issues regarding AMD drivers and mario kart 8.

Has anyone managed to get Mario Kart 8 to work with any of the 2018 macbook pro's using bootcamp?

I have a 2018 macbook pro with Radeon pro 560X (its a Polaris card, i think its Polaris 21).
Running Windows 10 Pro.
Unfortunatley AMD/Apple don't keep the offiicial drivers up to date, so best apple users can get is 17.10/17.12

Apple users can get more up to date unoffical drivers (which are based on official drivers)

Im using the latest bootcampdrivers verison 18.10.1.
And cemu 1.13.2d

And cannot get pass the bootscreen with mario kart 8.

I've tried the various Forza demo's in the background.
Tried using older versions of cemu like 1.11.6 and turning off seperate shaders.