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    Help with Mario Kart 8

    Hi guys

    Hoping to find some help to get my game running on 2player.

    Now I have an old amd computer that was just abel to play this game at around 50fps. I had everything working in single and multiplayer.

    I really wanted to play BOTW but my computer couldn’t handle it by a long shot.

    I finally bit the bullet and bought my self a dam good pc.

    I7 8700k
    16gb DDR4 3200

    Now I’m very new to the gaming/emulator community so detailed advice is appreciated.

    Anyway I can now finally play BOTW and what an amazing game that is.
    I went back to play the wife on Mario kart 8 and everytime it just freezes, but only on 2 player. Iv adjusted so many settings and nothing.

    To get my games I used the (removed) and followed BSoD guides for setting up Cemu 1.13.2 and have updated Mario Kart to V64 or in game it’s 1.4 and have input all its dlc.

    I’m So confused as my bad computer can play this on 2 player but my new computer can’t on 2 player. It just freezes and crashes.

    All so have shader cash done and use the 1440p graphics pack and high end shadows.

    And use the latest cemuhook too

    Cemu settings are

    GPU buffer cache: Low

    Please please help.

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