I've been playing the game fairly error-free up until this point. I unlocked the area Indigo Underground, and began exploring it. However, once reaching the second room where you first see the buzzy beetles, the game will consistently freeze if you attempt to start a battle with them. The transition will begin, and then freeze before the battle screen appears. Even if you avoid them, the game still freezes if you scroll the screen too far to the right. I've looked up guides for this game and reviewed the wiki, and no-one mentions this freezing bug anywhere. I've applied all the fixes, graphical and stability improvements that I could find online, including adding the following lines to the game's custom profile:

# PAPER MARIO Color Splash (EUR)


disableGPUFence = false
extendedTextureReadback = true
accurateShaderMul = min
GPUBufferCacheAccuracy = 2

cpuMode = Singlecore-Recompiler
but the freeze still occurs in exactly the same spot, as soon as you either enter a battle with the first buzzy beetle, or scroll the screen to the right. My PC specs are as follows:

CPU: i5-8400 @ 2.8GHz
GPU: GTX 980 4GB, driver v416.34
RAM: 16GB @ 2666MHz
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit v1803, build 17134.407
Storage: 4TB Western Digital 7200 RPM HDD, 2.36 TB free

As the title states, I'm running Cemu v1.14.0c. I'm playing the EU v0 version of the game, [CNFP01]. Here is a link to my log file:


And here is a link to a zip of my save games directory:


If anybody has any advice, or is able to recreate the freeze, I would love to know.