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    Quote Originally Posted by epigramx View Post
    Warning: Never use that DS4W version linked above. It's outdated and does not support motion controls that are extremely important in various games in Cemu including BotW Shrines.

    Use ryochan's updated version which includes rajkosto's (cemuhook) motion server:

    More on motion servers for Cemu:
    You're right. I forgot about the community updated version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigtuber View Post
    Wow @QwerkyPengwen,

    thank you very much. I just downloaded DS4 and made a profile for botw. Now the bug is gone and even the sensitiveness is even better!
    Just as epigramx said, you should download and use the updated community version he linked.

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    The problem I am facing is not only with analog inputs though. Every time when assigning inputs of a controller it doesn't read them at all, and basically, it's hell just trying to assign the inputs. My controllers are in good condition and don't have any problem with other emulators or any previous versions of cemu. I just hope that the next version of cemu is fixed.

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    You are making sure to select gamepad as the controller type right? Not pro controller or anything else?

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    Both gamepad and pro controller selections have the same problem... and I am facing it with both my PS3 and Xbox360 controllers... I don't think it's with me the problem if every other version works fine.

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    Hmm... What version of Windows are you running?

    I have a PS3 controller as well as a generic wired PS3 controller and a PS4 controller. I'm not home right now, but when I get home later I'll test things out and see what I come up with.

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    windows 10 version 1803

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