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    problem loading botw (im new)

    Hi guys

    just downloaded cemu and botw

    ive followed various tutorials and cant get botw started

    I downloaded cemu 1.14.0 with botw version 203 and applied all the setup requirements advised by BSOD gaming in his 22 minute youtube tutorial but when I double click botw the cemu widow goes black like its about to start and then the entire window closes and that's it. had this problem over and over, couldn't figure out why it was doing it.

    so I downloaded a different version of breath of the wild version 33. and that starts up but then I get the WII U message saying I need to update my system (wii u system) before playing botw.

    how do I do that in cemu??

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    There is an install update feature in the file pull down menu. Best to have 1.5.0 update for everything to work properly. 203 should work okay for the most part i would think as the latest is 208.
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    You'll find update and DLC in the first tab of the emulator. You'll be looking for a meta.xml file. A popup will appear showing the progress.

    If the problem persists, I'd suggest posting your log.txt after starting up BOTW and crashing.

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