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    Amazing drop performance (15-20Fps) on high system spec 1.15d

    Hello everyone,

    Nothing to do, i search for many hours ...
    Absolutely incredible to run like this..

    I follow bsod Tutorial from begining to the end

    GTX 1070
    I7-7700K 4.8Ghz
    16G RAM 2666 MHz
    Windows 10 Udpated

    15-20 FPS on Zelda botw
    -Game is udpated (1.5.0)
    -Graphic pack updated
    -Cemu on 1.15d
    -GPU is udpated
    -Shader Cache (11K) (Even if im deleting GL Cache)
    -Proper system

    in Cemu :
    55-60% CPU Usage
    25% GPU Usage

    I dont know what to do honnestly i tryed so many things and reinstal completly CEMU but nothing happened still lock at 15-20 FPS with massive sluttering...
    In old version of cemu, i run on 60FPS great...

    So if someone can help me please ..

    (Sorry if i made mistake in English ♥)
    Thanks you

    I join log.txt after lauch ZELDA.

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    You're not alone. Mine experienced the same performance drop.

    GTX 1070
    32G RAM
    Windows 10

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