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    Amazing drop performance (15-20Fps) on high system spec 1.15d

    Hello everyone,

    Nothing to do, i search for many hours ...
    Absolutely incredible to run like this..

    I follow bsod Tutorial from begining to the end

    GTX 1070
    I7-7700K 4.8Ghz
    16G RAM 2666 MHz
    Windows 10 Udpated

    15-20 FPS on Zelda botw
    -Game is udpated (1.5.0)
    -Graphic pack updated
    -Cemu on 1.15d
    -GPU is udpated
    -Shader Cache (11K) (Even if im deleting GL Cache)
    -Proper system

    in Cemu :
    55-60% CPU Usage
    25% GPU Usage

    I dont know what to do honnestly i tryed so many things and reinstal completly CEMU but nothing happened still lock at 15-20 FPS with massive sluttering...
    In old version of cemu, i run on 60FPS great...

    So if someone can help me please ..

    (Sorry if i made mistake in English ♥)
    Thanks you

    I join log.txt after lauch ZELDA.

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    You're not alone. Mine experienced the same performance drop.

    GTX 1070
    32G RAM
    Windows 10

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    Both of your issues are most likely due to not having up to date gfx packs.

    But if your botw is locking between 15fps and 20fps its because the patches inside of the gfx packs "FPS++" or "Static FPS" are not being applied. This can happen for a number of reasons.

    1: If your Breath of the Wild is not up to date.
    2: If your Graphics Packs are not up to date (Updated ones can always be found here)
    3: If your Cemuhook is not installed correctly or up to date. (Download from here)

    When updating GFX packs delete ALL of your old packs before copying over the new ones.
    Also if you need more asistance try looking at Serfrosts Cemu setup guide that can be found here
    Checking the Breath of the Wild compatability page found here.
    Or joining the official Cemu discord found here.

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