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    Exclamation mark Suggestion: Graphics pack (mod) rules.txt suggestions

    I have some thoughts after using the new graphics pack "mod" feature:

    Graphics pack rules.txt should include a field for URL. A dedicated field for this can give you guys an easy way to make a clickable button / link to the source page without having to regex the description for something that looks like a url and trying to make just that section clickable, and is practicly useful for when you need more information when you're debugging a mod.

    Mod Rules.txt should support comments, if they don't already (sample rules.txt doesn't say!). Standard feature

    We also REALLY need to standardize at least the GAMENAME/CATEGORY layer of what we call mods early on to prevent fragmentation. For instance structures their graphics/mod packs like
     + Workarounds
     + Graphics
     + Mods
     + Enhancements
    Where the cemu sample template uses "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild/Game Mods/MOD NAME HERE" creating a duplicate section. I've also seen other mods on Game Banana use "mod" and even the mod's name/description as its category. I suggest we ENFORCE this to limit fragmentation / duplication. If it's not in a supplied category, simply shove it into GAMENAME/Other/<mod name here>

    Last It'd be nice to be able to set or declare a priority, so if two mods have the same files, we can select which ones take priorities. I don't know how you want to handle it in this case, but it's a standard feature in mod loaders so you should make some kind of decision about this soon.

    Given the suggestions, the new sample Rules.txt looks like this:
    #    Hashes of games this mod / graphics pack applies to
    titleIds = 00050000101C9300,00050000101C9400,00050000101C9500
    #    Mod name. Do not include category or game name unless required
    name = MOD NAME HERE
    #    What game / category it shows up in. 'Mods' can be replaced with Workarounds, Graphics, Enhancements, Cheats or Other
    path = "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild/Mods/MOD NAME HERE"
    #    Complete description of mod functionality
    description = MOD DESCRIPTION HERE
    #    URL to official mod source (If available)
    url = 
    #    Mod / Graphics Pack Version
    version = 3
    Thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated.

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    As a workaround; LOAD ORDER seems to be determined by the FOLDER NAME, not anything in rules.txt. Also note the FIRST MOD LOADED is the one used and takes priority over any later added mods. This gives us an easy - albeit messy - solution to load order until something better is added.

    Say you want bowsette mod take precedence over linkle (which replaces the same few files bowsette does)
    Name the bowsette folder with a ! to make it load first / sooner ex "BreathOfTheWild_!Mod_Bowsette_Mod"
    Name the linkle folder with a z to make it come later / last ex "BreathOfTheWild_zLinkle Mod"

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    I've swapped my mods over to using the Mods category. Also why would you have Bowsette and Linkle enabled at the same time? Personally I would've just only had Bowsette enabled.

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    That was just an example of one such conflict, but as time goes on this will only become more common.

    I was originally playing with bowsette but many sections require different armors to get through, and it was a little jarring having the body change gender every time you need to change armors. Using linkle as a base meant any armor will still have a consistent female appearance, although i kind of wish it was a bit more... generously proportioned... to match bowsette better. It would also be awesome to have the bowsette horns on all armors but I'm working with that I've got :P

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