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    Feature Request: Closing-button to close the running game and come back to gamelist


    i hope this is the right place to send a christmas wish to this great dev team :-)
    Yes i see there are same request on this forum and i know there are much higher priority epics.

    Why i want this feature? For me its ok to close and reopen the program, because it's more important to have a stable running game.
    But it feels strange for me not to close a game and come back to the game list because this is a mayor feature every emulator will start with.

    So my hope is, that this task may be very fast to implement :-) and someone give it a chance :-)

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    I second this request.

    Every simulator from Citra, Dolphin, PCSX2, RPCS3.. etc, all have this. Simply exiting the game's main screen using ESC key (PCSX2 - Dolphin ESC + Yes option), gets you back to the main emulator screen so you can easily switch games without having to completely restart.

    After all this time, why doesn't Cemu have this?

    In addition, Cemu should also have a right click option in the main menu list of games, to remove the title from the list. Not delete the game's folder/settings/save files, etc, just the ability to remove it from the list.

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