Hello! Do you want to have multiple saves? This tool makes that easy!

  1. Download the program here (or from the attachment) and open it. It doesn't have an installer or anything.
  2. Go to the upper right corner and click on "Select saves directory".
  3. Select the folder where Cemu keeps your breath of the wild saves. It should be something like "<cemupath>\mlc01\usr\save\00050000\101c9500\user" . SELECT THE USER FOLDER, NOT THE 80000001 FOLDER.
  4. You should be good to go!

Adding a new save
Press the "New Save" button. It's that easy. If you want to use it immediately, also select it.

Selecting a different save
  1. Select a save you want to play by clicking on it.
  2. Click "Select Save". You can see which save is currently selected with text above the "Select Save" button. It should say something like "Current Save: My Awesome Save".

Renaming saves
  1. Double-click the save you want to rename.
  2. Type in a new name for that save. Please do not use any special characters. Any characters that are not supported in file names may break stuff.
  3. Hit the return key to confirm.

Manually adding saves
If you already have some saves, this is how you can add those to the program:
  1. Go to the folder of the program by searching for "%appdata%" and then there should be a folder called "cemu_file_selector".
  2. Go in that folder and go to "saves".
  3. For each save, add a folder with the name of that save.
  4. Add your 80000001 folder which corresponds to that save in that folder.

Clarification with a diagram:
│ └───80000001

This is probably how it will look. When you want to add a save:

│ └───80000001
├───My new imported save
│ └───80000001

Restart the program and your new save called "My new imported save" should be visible.

That's pretty much all there is to it. I hope it helps!Cemu Save Selector.jar.zip