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    CEMu and BOTW Cache setting

    I have just updated to Cemu 1.15.1e and its acts weird.
    My system
    Asus MB
    Intel I5
    Nvidia 980

    I currently had the "Disable Precompiled Shaders" ticked and had a hard-Link redirecting the folder from <User>\AppData\Local\NVIDIA pointing to a Ramdisk which worked fine. Increased speed of Zelda BOTW OK

    However now under 1.15.1e when deselected it is creating a folder called "..\Cemu\BIN\shaderCache\Precompiled" which is as it was.

    The problem is that if I reselect the "Disable Precompiled Shaders" it now creates a folder "..Cemu\BIN\shaderCache\Driver\NVIDIA\GLCache\9f27 848fd5d5a807880ebb29dbfdfb87

    That is it is still creating a cache for shaders on the SSD in the CEMU\Bin\ShaderCache folder but instead of it being called "Precompilled" its called "Drivers\Nvidia\GLCache\….."

    Why does it not still use the "<User>\AppData\Local\NVIDIA" folder?
    is this correct as I don't see it in the update notes that is no longer saves to the User data folders.

    Thing is CEMU is installed on an SSD and I don't want continuous writes to SSD for the cache.
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    It was in the update notes I’m pretty sure. This change was intentional. Nvidia allows applications to control the glcache now so cemu is keeping up with it and not letting it be deleted.

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    ^It was probably there for a while (it's also on some linux drivers).

    Quote Originally Posted by Trallix View Post
    I don't want continuous writes to SSD for the cache.
    You can symlink folders if it's so important.
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    epigramx - thanks for that, just read new notes and your right, must have been sleep reading.

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