Hi guys I'm new and I'm pleased to have found this resource.

The creators are making The Great job and this community seems to be wonderful.

I have read many things and I am only 1 questions:

I already own and played Zelda on my switch and I'm quite excited to see that I can play it in full 4k 60fps on my PC but I'm wondering how can I get the best experience in order to avoid the sensation and the limitations that I m playing with an emulator?

For many things like arrows mini games and sanctuaries and gaming Zelda vs many axis and many sensors for movement that are integrated in the switch Gamepad, therefore I would like to avoid to use the mouse or any other solution.

Now I understood by reading this forum that cemu emulates Wii U version of Zelda, therefore I'm wondering if I can pay it pairing a Wii u controller for a full real direct experience with the emulation, and which gamepad to buy because I cannot find any original pad around and on amaz.. I can only find compatible ones and I don't know if they really works like if we are playing with the real console.

so that the question is is there any of you using Wii u pad on this emulator and is it enough to play like if you're playing with the real console?