I am wondering whether it would be possible to connect 6 controllers via bluetooth (4 Xbox One S and 2 Wii Remotes with Nunchuk).

What I am trying to accomplish is that I want to play Mario Kart 8 with four Xbox controllers (or optionally with 2 Xbox and 2 Wiimote). And then switch game and play Wii Sport with 2 Wii Motes.

I don't want to change settings in-between, so basically asking whether CEMU can connect with 6 controllers (plus games being flexible enough to use any of the 6 as controllers 1 & 2).

Besides that, I am curious whether it is preferred to use the Dolphin Bar with integrated bluetooth or to connect the Wii Remotes to my USB bluetooth dongle directly? And lastly any thoughts whether "senor plus" makes things easier or more difficult. Not sure I really need "sensor plus", but would pay the extra $$ if it makes things in CEMU easier.

Any thoughts appreciated!