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    Unhappy Cannot get any controllers to work with directinput

    This a total n00b question, but I have searched the forum, wiki, google. I installed Cemu 1.91, 1.10.0f, and can load a game. Under Input settings I select directinput, and my controllers (8bitdo, logitech rumblepad, and others). I can map all the buttons properly to wii u classic controller, or pro, but the connected checkbox remains unchecked. Clicked refresh, calibrate. Ran exe as admin, rebooted, everything I can think of. No game will start, for example Yoshi's wooly world, I hit the mapped A button and the game will not start. Tried other games, same thing, can't start. I must be missing something, probably something simple and I'm going to feel like an idiot, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try setting it up as a WiiU GamePad instead!
    And try to see if you can map the controller with Xinput instead.

    All you have to do should be selecting your controller, select what kind of WiiU controller your about to emulate and assign buttons.
    After that just close the window and boot up a game!

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