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    I suppose this could be done with Action Replay but don't know how.

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    Is there still a chance for a mod to unlock postgame skells etc. from you? I recently started a new game and didn't want to blitz through the story for them. Thanks to your great mods for farming, getting the desired equipment is much less tedious. It kind of takes away an integral part of the experience, especially late game. You won't get the rewarding feeling after finding the last missing piece, but that's the whole point.
    As always your work is appreciated

    @WiseHorror: There is a trainer for the WiiU which offers many options, but I didn't see any options like the mods from laysan3. However, if you want to get items and skip farming, that trainer allows you to spawn items by swapping item id codes, even post-game equipment. There are pages for Item Id codes somewhere on the internet. That basically covers 4 mods from this thread. The other "unlocking mods" here could probably also be achieved by using that trainer and "poke" flags and values of the game, but I don't know about that and there's the risk of freezing and crashing while doing so. You will have to research on that forum if you wish to know more.
    Here's the link:
    Please read the thread all to the end for the explanations.

    Or you could transfer your WiiU save to the PC use the mods from here with Cemu. When you're done just transfer the save back to the WiiU. As far as I know, latest version of Cemu has online capability.

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    Hi Caede91,
    I think I'm close to find how to unlock post-game skells and equipments. But I don't know if I will be able to unlock post-game enemies.
    I'll soon make a big update of the post as I also created some new exciting mods!

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    Just made a big update, with 10 new mods!
    In short, here the list:

    • Collectibles: ignore 100th
    • Mods to change experiences ratio (exp, class, battle points, etc.)
    • Post-game skells and equipments unlocked
    • Camera customization (with FOV increase!)
    • Mods that alter physics: sprint faster and jump higher!
    • Damage multiplicator
    • Allows to add more than 1 slot on all equipment (using L's shop)

    This may be one of the last update from me, as I already finished the game 100% and don't plan to do it again.

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    Thank you, this is even more than I had hoped for
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