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    My Gameplay enhancements packs for Xenoblade Chronicles X


    I want to share with you some mods I made for Xenoblade Chronicles X using the code patching feature of cemuhook.

    Firstly first, I want to tell a big thanks to rajkosto for its amazing cemuhook (and especially the code patching feature), Xalphenos and epigramx for their helpful posts on this forum.
    Now here the list of all my mods so far:

    Battle mods:
    • Damage multiplicator (ground): increase the ground damage dealt to enemies.
    • Overdrive unlocked: Overdrive is usable before the chapter 5.
    • Enemy Statistics mod: apply modificator on enemies stats (HP, Melee Attack, Melee Accuracy, Ranged Attack, Ranged Accuracy, Potential and Evasion). Useful to create easy or hard mode!
    • Escape distance reducer: reduce escape distance from enemies (to lose aggro).
    • Automatic QTE: the QTE challenge (with B button) is automatic and silent success in battles (they are still activated for Skell destroy and bind).

    Collectibles mods:
    • Catch range mod: increase the distance from which you loot the collectibles. By default, you'll get them just when you're close enough to see the blue gem (distance increased by 40.0). There are 3 kind of distances in the game, each with a value of "Range" and "Height": "Inner" (which means when you are at foot), "Doll" (when you have a Skell at land) and "Flight" (which I believe is when you flight, generally in a Skell). All values are editable in the file patches.txt. Please note that the random selection of items is unchanged (rare items are still rare).
    • Ignore 100th: stop collecting a collectible when you already have 99 of them, and doesn't sell it. This is for endgame runs in which you have plenty of money, many collectibles and doesn't want to be spammed with selling messages when you walk around in the world.

    BLADE mods:
    • DLC quests unlocked: unlock DLC quests in the BLADE console, even if the story is not finished.
    • Lv60 skells unlocked (+cheat): unlock the post-game skells and equipment as soon as you are a BLADE member (it also consider you have a Skell License). And there is a preset/cheat to ignore all requirements for crafting. Yes, that means you can get an Ares 90 for free, right after Chapter 2!
    • Gain Offline Tickets from TA/DLC missions: adds Exchange Tickets in reward of completing Blade missions. This mod comes with 2 presets: one which adds tickets to Time Attack missions (same amount that the experience) and another which adds tickets to DLC missions (formula is money divided by 100).
    • Tasks and missions offline: Squad tasks and missions become available for offline play! With some differences: at the start of the game, a Squad quest is randomly selected and the timer is infinite. So you have all your time to complete all tasks and missions! But what if you don't like this quest? Go to the main menu, Social entry and "Select Squad" entry, and tadam! The Squad quest will be removed and a new one will popup after a few seconds! Warning: this is a Work-In-Progress mod, it may change in future.

    Equipment mods:
    • Armors can have 3 augment slots: go to L' shop, select a ground or skell equipped (right now this won't work on unequipped) equipment, look at how many max slots you can have, and enjoy creating a build with 10 extra augments slots ;-)
    • Unlimited augment upgrades: allow you to infinitely upgrade all the augments inside a piece of equipment (as long as you have the resources of course). Warning: with low level armors the max level for augments is 17, if you try to upgrade once more you'll get back to level 1! So be careful, at least until I find how to prevent that. And there's a preset which ignore all requirements for the upgrades (like for the "Lv60 Skells unlocked" mod).

    Experience mods:
    • Inner Exp Points X: increase the experience points given in battles.
    • Class Exp Points X: increase the class experience points given in battles.
    • Battle Points X: increase the battle points given in battles.
    • Friend Points X: increase the friend points given in battles.
    • Blade Points X: increase the Blade points rewards.

    FrontierNav mods:
    • Miranium income frequency: increase the frequency of the FrontierNav Miranium.
    • Miranium income quantity: increase the quantity of Miranium gained using FrontierNav.
    • Money income frequency/quantity: Those 2 mods do the same than the one for Miranium, but for money.
    • Resources income frequency/quantity: Those 2 mods do the same than the one for Miranium, but for the resources.

    Graphics mods:
    • NPC info bubbles distance mod: increase the distance from which NPC's yellow speech bubbles are seen. I made this mod to get rid of the frustration not being able to get information from NLA people unless I get very close to each one of them. With this mod, the gathering of informations is, in my opinion, less tedious (so more enjoyable).
    • Camera distance mod: allow to change the default zoom (which is reset after most cutscenes and this was boring me).

    Loot mods:
    • Materials drop ratio: set a minimum drop ratio for materials (armor and weapon loots are not impacted).
    • Force equipment: with this mod, you'll only drop equipment of the specified type (see patches.txt). You'll always get gold chests with 3 equipments inside. This mod is designed for best end-game equipment farming purpose. And the equipment looted will always be of the best quality (like x60 skells weapons).
    • Force chest quality: allow to force the chest (bronze, silver, gold or no chest at all if you just want to kill a lot of monsters quickly without loot).

    Music mods:
    • Overdrive disabled: disables the Overdrive music (after some time using Overdrive a lot during battles, I missed the other musics, especially the one for tyrants).
    • Skell Flight disabled: disables the flight music (at the beginning the music is awesome, but after some time I wanted to listen to the field musics again).

    Physics mods:
    • Run Forrest, run!: increases the speed of the sprint.
    • Jump to the Moon!: increases the height of the jump.

    Weather mods:
    • Force weatherNEW: force selected weather.

    Most important requirement is of course cemuhook. All my mods have been tested and are known to work with cemu 1.15.10 and cemuhook They may NOT work with older versions!
    All mods should be compatible with Xenoblade versions 1.0.1E and 1.0.2U (most of them also with 1.0.1U but not all), and are not supposed to impact savegames but be sure to make save backup just in case!

    The mods are available in the Slashiee's pack (
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