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Thread: Mod Manager

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    New version uploaded, no custom colors or rename from manager yet but this is what I got knocked out today. Also updating link in OP

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    There's been a delay in the project. A good friend is going through a messy divorce (messy being a mild way of putting it) and I'm trying to help him through that; keep him distracted, make him think of the kids, etc. It's a bad situation for all parties and there are times when it seems like my family and his parents are the only ones on his side so that's taken up most of my time lately. Sorry about not getting any work done but I hope you guys understand. It's not cancelled just delayed and when things settle a bit so I've got some time between that and work I'll get back on it.

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    Project is back up, just waiting for confirmation that the links are implemented in gamebanana then I can begin testing.

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