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    How to run Mario Kart 8 Triple Core with no crashes. Cemu 1.11.3

    I figured out how to run mk8 triple core with no crash after first race. Many were having this problem including myself and I have not seen the solution posted. I dont think this matters but i was using these game profile options - accurateShaderMul = false disableGPUFence = true GPUBufferCacheAccuracy = 2 streamoutBufferCacheSize = 24 extendedTextureReadback = true Cpu option is triple core. go to options - experimental, i'm betting that "USE RDTSC" is checked. UNCHECK IT. ONLY "botw crash workaround" should be checked. There is ONE other thing, after the race where it is showing your scores, keep pressing "a" repeatedly to quickly advance to the loading screen for next race. If I wait 10 - 15 seconds before pressing "a" it will freeze on loading screen. Everything else is default, no graphic pack.
    this may not be important either but just in case - "specs with cemu 1.11.3 - Win 7 x64 - MSI X58M - iCore 7 quad core 3.06 OC to 3.4 Ghz (17 x 200) - 12 Gb Triple Channel RAM DDR3 1333 Mhz OC to 1600 Mhz - No Page file - HP SSD S700 Pro 128G SATA III AHCI - AMD Radeon HD 7700 @ PCIE 2.0 16x , 2Gb Memory, core & memory clock @ 800 Mhz - Radeon Crimson version 17.10.1. OpenGl triple buffer = on. Shader Cache = AMD Optimized. texture filtering = performance. Mario Kart 8 normal/native resolution of 1280x720. buffer acurracy low. used both timers same great perf.

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    "botw crash workaround" doesn't do anything for MK8 so it won't have any effect on it crashing or not. It's more than likely just the rdtsc option that had any effect.

    Also no point in putting disablegpufence in any gameprofile but botw.

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    Hi both,

    I tried all of the suggested workarounds, but my cemu always freezes @ the b/w loading screen.

    I wonder if there is any workaround/tweak for runnig mk8 in dual/triple core mode since the performance increase would be worth it.

    I assume that there is no fix for this on the cemu dev - road map, as the game is quite old now. Any suggestions how to make that work?

    Can I submit some log file that would show what the culprit is?

    i7 7700HQ with unlocked turbo(3.4GHz)
    gtx 1050 ti w intel HD 630(optimus)
    32GB ram(overkill I know LOL)

    PS.: Xal, thanks for all your hard work

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    Unhappy Still crashes

    didn't work. It still crashes. Sorry :/

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