Hi everyone !
There is a loooooong time I didn't post in a forum
I got a problem different...
I was running cemu 1.11.4b and got time to times crashes when I used runes.
I found a video from BSOD on youtube showing a cemu 1.11.4b hotfix version that corrects some random crashes, so I wanted to try.
I just put the new exe file in my Cemu folder after naming the old one cemu 2.exe.
But when I launched the Zelda BOTW, all my saves where replace by new saves ( all from the start of the game with date from last year ! ).
So after a quick search with google, everyone say to simply put the saves stored in an ther folder. BUT everything is gone !!
Impossible to find another game_data.sav !
I even try to restore my computer 2 days ago but nothing changed, my saves are gone...
I tryed programs to restore data but there is no erase data inside the folder... the old one were just replace :'(
I didn't not start the game with the new data files, is there a temporary folder where I can find my old save data ?
Or are they definitely gone ?

I'm almost sure I don't have choice to start from the beginning, but if someone can save me it would be nice